The seafog is a common sight around Ålesund all season - but it's especially irritating during summer when it's supposed to be sunny and warm.
However, sometimes the fog is low enough to get above it which creates beautiful landscapes in the cloudes like  in the video above. I guess it's a good metaphor in many ways, such as you have to struggle and sweat to get to the top (hard work) to enjoy the view (reward).


A 30 second video made out of material from the second test-flight with my new drone. A three hour hike in blistering sun until I reached the top, then the fog appeared.
Shot over and around the peak of Jakta, Norway

Greetings from Alnes

A very short video made out of material from a test-flight with my new tool!
Shot on the island of Godøy, Norway

Portrait of a tattoo artist

Shot in Trondheim at the tattoo shop "Onkel Henry's". 

i'm a seeker (musicvideo)

Music video for the band "Sommerfuglfisk"  and their song "I'm a seeker". Inspired by the early MTV Productions with hectic handheld, short clips and added dust and scratches, we had a blast creating this video!

veins magazine (teaser)

This is a teaser for a magazine collaboration project made at school in Trondheim. Each photo-serie was put together into a magazine which can be viewed at the bottom of this page.